Medford Board of Education approves 2017–2018 school year budget

Medford residents to see slight tax increase

The Medford Board of Education approved the 2017–2018 school year budget. Medford residents with an average assessed home of $327,100 will see a $74.10, or $6.17 a month, tax increase. The budget includes required contractual salary increases for employees, the addition of seven new teachers, and maintenance and improvements to facilities around the district.

“We are pleased that our county superintendent and our Board of Education approved the budget,” Superintendent Joseph Del Rossi said. “It will allow us to go forth with the planning that we have for next year, and we are already thinking about next year in terms of what our priorities are going to be and what projects we will work on for next year.”

Marie Goodwin, the school district’s business administrator, worked on her first budget for the district.

“I was very appreciative of all of the support that I had from my colleagues, my administrative staff and the principals as well as the Board of Education,” Goodwin said. “I am really happy that they really do support the programs at Medford and that’s good.”

Although the 2017–2018 budget has passed, it is not the end of the process for the district. For the Medford Township School District, the budget is something the board continuously looks at and plans for.

“It used to be you started the budget process sometime in October or November and you were done sometime around April or May,” Del Rossi said. “That is not the case anymore. A budget is an ongoing process that we are constantly working on.”

More detailed information about the budget can be found on the district’s website,