Eight runners from Cherry Hill complete the 2017 Boston Marathon

Four men and four women from the township finished Monday’s marathon. More than 26,000 runners overall completed this year’s race.

On Monday, more than 26,000 runners completed the 26.2-mile Boston Marathon course. The race draws people from all over the United States as well as some of the top runners from around the world.

Out of the more than 26,000 runners who completed the race, eight of the runners were from Cherry Hill. According to the official Boston Marathon website, here is how all eight Cherry Hill runners placed for their respective gender:


· John Arnold — finished 2,469th with a time of 3:09.31

· Nathan Spencer — finished 3,184th with a time of 3:14.32

· Lawrence Liebman — finished 6,961st with a time of 3:39.25

· Casey Coleman — finished 9,673rd with a time of 3:59.21


· Christa Venturini — finished 4,150th for women with a time of 3:49.09

· Heidi Lindheim — finished 4,716th for women with a time of 3:52.51

· Mary Jane Fast — finished 7,564th with a time of 4:14.20

· Emelia Perry — finished 10,919th with a time of 5:09.35

Geoffrey Kirui of Kenya won the men’s race with a time of 2:09.37. Edna Kiplagat of Kenya was victorious in the women’s race with a time of 2:21.52.

For full results on Monday’s marathon, visit www.baa.org.