Evesham Township set to launch new email newsletter with ‘Everyday Evesham’

The newsletter will allow residents yet another avenue to stay updated on the township’s happenings and events.

Evesham Township is taking another step to improve communication with residents with the introduction of its email newsletter “Everyday Evesham.”

Township officials say the newsletter will allow residents yet another avenue to stay updated on the township’s happenings and events, with the first edition set to launch soon.

According to township management analyst Allie Bittner, “Everyday Evesham” will deliver news through email to residents who might not follow the township through its social media pages but who would still like to keep updated on information and events.

“The idea is really geared toward people who might not want to follow us on social media because their feed is so populated all the information might meld together,” Bittner said. “The newsletter would have the same type of content, but more in-depth and trying to reach a different audience.”

Bittner said the newsletter might include information such as upcoming township-sponsored events, programs run through the township, new township rules and how they affect residents, road closures and more.

In addition, Bittner said the newsletter might contain updates on recent ordinances council has passed that might impact residents’ everyday lives.

“If it’s something that a lot of people ask about or have comments about, we want to include it,” Bittner said. “We want to let residents know about major issues. That’s important to us to make sure we’re communicating.”

Bittner said the township’s ultimate goal is to send the newsletter to residents twice per month, but for now, the township will only send one newsletter per month until it has built a larger subscriber base.

“The only other time we would send it more than twice a month is if there was some emergency such as a heavy rainstorm or snowstorm or road closure,” Bittner said.

Residents interested in receiving the “Everyday Evesham” newsletter should visit www.evesham-nj.org and click the red button on the left side of the website.

Residents will be directed to a page where they can input their name and email to signup.

Residents must then check their email inbox for a confirmation email from the township, and once residents click a confirmation link within the email, they will be fully subscribed to future “Everyday Evesham” newsletters.