Tabernacle Historical Society holding monthly meeting April 13

A presentation about Ellis Parker, the first county Chief of Detectives, will take place

The Tabernacle Historical Society will hold its next monthly meeting on Thursday, April 13 at the Community Center (old Emergency Squad building) on Hawkins Road at 7:30 pm. After a brief business meeting, there will be a presentation by Marisa Bozarth of the Burlington County Park Service.Ms. Bozarth will be speaking on “Ellis Parker: County Detective”. Ellis Parker was the first County Chief of Detectives. Details about his life and storied crime solving methods that made him into one of the most well-known and respected detectives of the 20th Century will be told.

The public is invited to attend and new members are always welcome. Refreshments will follow. For more information, please call 609–268–1255.