Letter to the editor: Kresson Road should be next for a repave

After asking for Springdale Road to be repaved in a letter two years ago, a Cherry Hill resident now thinks attention should be shifted to Kresson Road.

About two years ago, I wrote to the Cherry Hill Sun regarding the condition of Springdale Road from Evesham Road to Wilderness Drive and the unsafe and patched condition of that road surface. While I take no credit for its complete do over, it is now a beautiful “boulevard” in Cherry Hill.

Now, let’s look at Kresson Road from Springdale Road going west to Covered Bridge Road. It is pitted with many patched and repatched areas and surfaces. Anyone who travels Kresson Road, and there are volumes that do, you know the condition of the road surface. I wonder if the township can do anything to smooth out some of these areas. It would make traveling on Kresson Road much safer and pleasant.

Rev. James J. Durkin