Cherry Hill Police, emergency dispatchers assist distraught female over the weekend

Police were able to help the female to safety after she was found sitting on the ledge of a bridge near a New Jersey Turnpike overpass.

Cherry Hill Police and emergency dispatchers teamed up to assist an emotionally distraught female over the weekend.

Early Saturday at about 12:45 a.m., Cherry Hill Police received a third party report of a distraught female attempting to harm herself on an unknown roadway. Dispatchers determined a GPS location on an electronic device the female had in her possession. Officers responded and found the female sitting on the ledge of the bridge by an overpass of the New Jersey Turnpike.

Officers communicated with the female and convinced her to move to a safe spot. Police were able to escort her from the area and she was transported to a crisis center.

The Mt. Laurel Police Department and the New Jersey State Police assisted Cherry Hill Police during the incident.