Wedgwood Songfest leaves audience feeling the love

Wedgwood Elementary School hand bell ensemble and chorus performed songs of love to classmates, staff, parents and visitors

Members of the Wedgwood handbell ensemble showcased the acoustics of their instruments

Songfest turned into a love-fest as members of the Wedgwood Elementary School fifth-grade hand bell ensemble and fourth-and-fifth-grade chorus left classmates, staff, parents and visitors feeling the love in their music through the theme of their 2017 annual Songfest, “Love that makes us feel good, because it is a beautiful world.” Under the direction of music teacher Paula DiGianivittorio, the students wowed with their talent and showmanship.

“I am grateful for our parents who allow their children to participate in music,” DiGianivittorio said. “Music makes our children grow spiritually and academically.”

Members of the Wedgwood chorus filled the cafeteria with love songs

Fourteen fifth-graders, who successfully auditioned for the hand bell ensemble, opened the program with classical, folk and inspirational selections, showcasing the precision and unique sounds of the instruments.

The chorus followed with spirited renditions, including three-part harmonies, of uplifting songs including “We Want to Sing,” “What a Wonderful World” and “Love in Any Language.”

Chorus members treated guests to a memorable performance

“These are students, many of whom didn’t know each other in September, who came together through music,” school principal Charlie Zimmerman said in noting the recent redistricting and commending their performance. “They did a remarkable job.”

Following the performance, the students presented an emotional DiGianivittorio with flowers for her efforts.