Letter to the editor: Robert Isanski

The United States is host to virtually an entire country of illegal aliens living within its borders. Our 11 million illegal alien population is larger than the total population of citizens in 149 of 233 countries. Our illegal aliens are double Ireland’s 5 million citizens.

Ellis Island, in its entire 60 years of operation, welcomed a total of 12 million immigrants. That 60 year total is almost matched by our current 11 million illegal alien population. That population of 11 million can’t be called huddled masses, it’s practically a country.

There is a way our county-sized illegal alien population can be life savers. If the 11 million were registered as organ donors, many lives could be saved. On average, 22 Americans die each day waiting for an organ transplant. Each donor can save up to eight lives.

Robert Isanski