Kennedy Cancer Center offers new form of radiation therapy

Used to treat several types of cancer, the Brainlab Stereotactic Surgery offers the advantages of surgery without being invasive

The Kennedy Cancer Center in Washington Township now offers Brainlab Stereotactic Surgery with ExacTrac, a very precise form of high-dose radiation therapy that offers the advantages of surgery without being invasive.

Used to treat several types of cancer — including lung, brain and bone cancers — Brainlab SRS carries very little risk of infection because it doesn’t involve an incision, and requires minimal recovery time.

By focusing on the tumor, radiation exposure to nearby healthy tissue is reduced with a decreased risk of side effects. Brainlab SRS can be an effective alternative for patients who are not candidates for traditional surgery. Additionally, it can provide “cancer control” similar to surgery for many cancers, while allowing the patient to enjoy a quick return to their regular activities. An entire course of treatment can be completed in just one to five days.

Tamara LaCouture, the medical director of Kennedy’s Radiation Oncology Program, began performing Brainlab procedures at the Kennedy Cancer Center in March.

“I’m thrilled to be able to provide this highly specialized service to our patients,” LaCouture said. “The level of precision and the fact that it requires very little recovery time makes Brainlab an ideal treatment option for many cancer patients.”

For more information on Brainlab at Kennedy or other cancer diagnostic and treatment services available, visit, or call (856) 582–3008.