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Council brings on two co-deputy managers

The additions to the township staff are Jack Terry and George Haeuber.

Approximately two months after Moorestown Township Manager Scott Carew unexpectedly resigned, Town Council has hired two co-deputy managers to help fill the role. The newly hired members of staff, Jack Terry and George Haeuber, began serving the township in early March.

Since Carew resigned, Township CFO Tom Merchel has been serving in both positions. When Merchel first took on both roles, he relayed to members of council that if he later found himself needing help, he would look to appoint additional members of staff.

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“I didn’t know if I would need help on the finance side or as deputy manager,” Merchel said. “While I now realize I need some help, I still need more time to feel out both jobs before deciding whether or not to award another long-term employment position.”

When Merchel first decided he needed to hire assistance for the role of deputy manager, he immediately thought of Terry and Haeuber. The retired residents seemed like the ideal candidates based on Merchel’s experiences having remained good friends and colleagues with both for more than 20 years.

“I used to work with [Terry] back when he was the township manager of Moorestown, and through him I met Haeuber, who was the township manager of Maple Shade,” Merchel said. “They both have well over 30 years of experience as township managers, so I talked them into coming out of retirement to help.”

Unlike the traditional full-time deputy manager role, Terry and Haeuber will each only be working a few hours each week and will be paid at an hourly rate. Their roles will be funded by the township’s 2017 budget.

“Their work will be largely project-driven, for example if I need their help with research,” Merchel said. “They’ll also help fill in when I’m unavailable, like at the [Monday, March 13 Council meeting] when [Haeuber] filled in while I was at my son’s confirmation.”


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