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Recreation Banner Sponsorship Program

Individuals and businesses are now able to purchase banners.

The Township of Moorestown, Department of Parks and Recreation will lease banner space yearly to the Moorestown youth athletic clubs and groups. If an individual or business is interested is purchasing a banner please contact the following groups for further information:

1. Banners for Pryor Park and Walter Maahs Field (Lenola Field)

Moorestown Youth Baseball Federation — Anthony Villari, Anthony.villari@axa-advisors.com.

2. Banners for Wesley Bishop Turf Fields and Memorial Field

Moorestown Soccer Club — Keith Omlor, rkomlor@comcast.net.

3. Banners for Wesley Bishop Turf Fields
Moorestown Lacrosse Club — Chris Oatway, coatway@ION-WORLDWIDE.COM.

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