Weekly roundup: Solicitor takes legal action, BOE receives PILOT funding

Also, council entered an interim-agreement to allow Pinnacle Place developers to evaluate affordable housing sites

Washington Township Council passed a resolution at last week’s meeting to allow township Solicitor Stuart Platt to take legal action, not to include filing for a lawsuit, to recover more than $17,000 obtained by prior Business Administrator Bob Smith. Council also adopted an ordinance providing the Board of Education with 44 percent of revenue generated in lieu of taxes from the Washington Square Project, while Pinnacle Place developers are able to evaluate sites for affordable housing within the township. Check out some of the top stories from the past week in the Weekly Roundup.

Solicitor claims prior business administrator received payments unlawfully

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At last week’s meeting, township Solicitor Stuart Platt revealed he had been shown documents from the payroll department supporting his claim that prior Business Administrator Bob Smith received payment for more than $17,000 weeks after his term had expired. According to Smith’s attorney, the payment was legally obtained as his term had not ended until his successor Jason Gonter was appointed at the council’s reorganization meeting on Jan. 2. Council passed a resolution to allow Platt to take legal action, without filing a lawsuit, to recover the funds.

Board of Education to receive PILOT funding; Developers to evaluate affordable housing sites

Council adopted an ordinance providing the Board of Education with 44 percent of payment in lieu of taxes by the Washington Square Project last week. The agreement of the shared funds is to cover the costs of school-aged children who may inhabit the new residential developments. Also, developers of Pinnacle Place, part of the Delsea Drive Redevelopment Plan, were granted permission to seek affordable housing sites within the township to meet requirements of 20 percent in the development project.

Arrests made involving distribution of heroin, cocaine

The Washington Township Police Department released information on two separate search warrants that were conducted last week, resulting in an arrest of five individuals. On March 8, two subjects were arrested for possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia, while on March 9, three were brought to the county jail for distribution of heroin, cocaine and crack cocaine, as well as possession of a 357 Magnum by a convicted felon and distribution within 1,000 feet of a school zone.

Washington Township art teacher Veronica Akhtar poses with life-size art props at the National Art Education Association Convention.

Middle school art teachers walk the carpet at national art convention

Art teachers Bethany Franz and Veronica Akhtar attended the National Art Education Association Convention in New York City. There, they sampled some of the latest in art products and took in exhibits from hundreds of quality art vendors. The NAEA Convention historically is the largest gathering of visual arts educators in the world.

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