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Letter to the Editor: Karen Reiner

In the past month, we’ve seen numerous examples of hateful behavior that is not representative of our caring community here in Moorestown. The KKK flyers that were distributed locally in February, the bomb threats issued to the Jewish Community Center in Cherry Hill two days ago, the murder of two Indian immigrants in Kansas last week and a rise in Islamophobia are just a few examples.

A group of us would like to organize an event that helps unify our community and embraces citizens who may feel marginalized in light of these recent threatening events. We want to demonstrate that we are one community of neighbors that respects both our commonalities and our unique qualities.

We are planning to organize a fun event that will help us get to know one another and deepen our ties as a community of kindness and compassion. The event will be secular and non-political. If you’re interested in helping to plan the event, contact karenreiner28@gmail.com. Thank you!

Karen Reiner

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