Cinnaminson residents receive KKK literature

The flyers were found along Forklanding Road Sunday morning

Over the weekend, the Cinnaminson Township Police Department received a phone call from a resident in regard to “hate literature” that was found along Forklanding Road.

The distributed literature is from the Loyal White Knights, who claim to be the largest and most active branch of the Ku Klux Klan in America.

Liutenant Tim Young of the Cinnaminson Township Police Department says that a resident was walking along Forklanding Road when she found a bag with a piece of paper in it that she thought was a Valentine.

“Upon closer inspection, it was a hate letter from the Ku Klux Klan,” Young said. “It’s definitely offensive literature.”

The small plastic bag was weighed down with dry rice and contained a piece of paper adorned with hearts that read “love your own race” and “stop homosexuality and race mixing.” The flyers also provide a phone number and website to reach the klan.

Those who choose to reach out via phone will be greeted with a short recorded message that spews hate in light of Black History Month, as well as the option to leave a message for the group.

Young says that only a few of the flyers were found, and it appears as though someone may have thrown them out a car window along the road. He added that as the phone number on the flyers is out of state, this does not appear to be a local group and that at this time, he does not believe any specific person or residence was targeted.

“The police are investigating the incident,” the department posted on Facebook. “There is no place for hate or intolerance in Cinnaminson.”

“Cinnaminson Township has zero tolerance towards hatred and ignorance. Our residents historically have been inclusive and we will not let an ignorant individual or group divide who we are,” Mayor Anthony Minniti said. “I have total confidence in the Cinnaminson Police Department’s investigation.”

The Loyal White Knights claim not to be a hate group, but specify they hate “drugs, homosexuality, abortion and race mixing.”

The report is being investigated as a bias incident.

“This is not what we’re about,” Young said. “This is not what our town is about.”

In a press release, the department said it will do “everything in their power to identify those responsible.”

Anyone with information should call the Cinnaminson Township Police Department at (856) 829–6666.

More to come.