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Evan Fisler hits 100th career win

WTHS senior wrestler is 17th Minuteman to reach milestone

Evan Fisler (center holding trophy) celebrates his 100th win with teammates and coaches at Eastern High School. (Photo courtesy of Jan Giel/WTPS)

Senior wrestler Evan Fisler captured his 100th career victory recently, earning his spot as the 17th Minuteman in Washington Township High School history to do so, and the first since 2015.

Fisler began wrestling when he was 5 years old in the junior program. He spent half of the season his freshman year on varsity, and placed third in the district championships. His sophomore year, he placed third at regionals, and he was a District 30 champion as a junior, however he was unable to continue due to a lower back injury.

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“Since I didn’t get the results I wanted last year, I knew that this year is my final year to get the results I want. I think I’ve definitely been working harder and paying attention to my health more to stay healthy throughout the season, that way I can accomplish my goals and end my career in a healthy manner,” Fisler said.

“Other than seeing him improve as a wrestler, it’s also really nice to see him kind of grow up into a young man; he’s real responsible, holds himself to a really high standard. He’s a very special individual, and I think what I’ve learned most about Evan is that he realizes the commitment that it takes to be really good at his craft,” head wrestling coach Ron Ippolite said. “Getting the opportunity to win 100 career wins is really quite an accomplishment. It’s a very special honor.”

Based on his past seasons, Fisler said he wasn’t expecting the 100th win to come so soon.

“I didn’t think I’d get it until post-season. I’m glad it happened already, and it’s really a proud accomplishment,” Fisler said. “I really took in how the township fans really showed their support through the whole thing, too. There was a lot of screaming, a lot of cheering; just seeing all the parents from the junior program coming up, their kids still right behind me, and them still being by my side, it was fun, it was cool to see. I don’t think there’s a better feeling.”

Right after the match, as Fisler walked off the mat, the team went into a huddle, congratulating him on his accomplishment.

“It was really warming to know that the team really does care about what had just happened. Later and later, I had other kids coming up and shaking my hand, congratulating me, even people I’ve never even met before. All you can say back is thank you,” Fisler said.

Fisler’s next goal is to be wrestling on March 5, at the state championship at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City. To make it to the state championship, wrestlers must compete in the District 29 tournament on Feb. 19 at Southern Regional High School. The top three competitors will advance to Region 8 Championships at Egg Harbor High School, and the final four in each weight class will move on to the state championship.

“My next goal is to be wrestling March 5, standing on a podium and seeing my parents in the stands, knowing that my dream from a little kid has finally come true and I’ve finally placed in a state tournament. It’s a pretty good feeling, I think,” Fisler said.

Fisler, in the 145-pound weight class, holds a 25–1 season record as the 2016–17 team captain. Fisler plans to continue wrestling after high school at his top choice, Gannon University in Erie, Pa.

Former WTHS students in the 100-win club:
Mike Sandelier (102 wins, 1994)
Nick Lopez (102 wins, 1999)
Carl Schmidt (116 wins, 2000)
Brian Brittingham (116 wins, 2000)
Eric Ring (107 wins, 2001)
David Tomasette (136 wins, 2003)
Tyler Tisdell (111 wins, 2005)
Mark Ring (106 wins, 2005)
Brandon O’Hara (104 wins, 2006)
Anthony Curcio (136 wins, 2009)
James Higgins (139 wins, 2010)
Damien Scott (104 wins, 2010)
Colin Walsh (119 wins, 2010)
Chalie Huff (130 wins, 2011)
Nick Passarella (100 wins, 2015)
Mike Van Horn (112 wins, 2015)


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