CPD advises of potential scam calls in Cinnaminson

A Cinnaminson resident reported a fake call from a supposed “Officer John Smith” yesterday

On Tuesday, Feb. 7, the Cinnaminson Police Department had a citizen report to the police station to inquire about a phone call he received. At approximately noon this day, the citizen received a call on his cell phone. The caller was listed as the “Cinnaminson Police” and the phone number was (856) 829–6669. The caller identified himself as Officer John Smith, and had what was described as a very distinct Asian Accent. This supposed officer Smith told the caller that the Cinnaminson Police just issued a warrant for his arrest and that he was to turn himself in at the police department the next morning. Officer Smith then told the caller that he could call the “Legal Department” at (844) 298–6928 and attempt to work out a financial settlement so that he did not have to turn himself in.

The Cinnaminson Police Department has advised that this is a scam. The department’s phone number was spoofed, meaning the caller used a computer program that allowed the caller to send the police department’s information.

If you receive this call or something similar to it, call the Cinnaminson Police Department at (856) 829–6666.