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What’s new with the SJARMS?

The South Jersey Acoustic Roots Music Society has many exciting events coming up.

The February South Jersey Acoustic Roots Music Society meeting will be held on Monday, Feb.13 at 7 p.m. at the Medford Memorial Community Center, located at 21 S. Main Street. The organization is having an open mic night followed by its usual acoustic jam until 9:30 p.m.

The organiation has reported that it loves having the entire first floor of the Community Center available so that it can break up into smaller, more intimate jams in the various rooms. It invited the community to come out and jam, and ensures that they will have lots of fun. SJARMS’ last open mic night was an “amazingly good night of music, great songs and interesting musical collaborations” from its members. SJARMS looks forward to another night of great music.

Next month, on Monday, March 13, SJARMS will host Ernie Trionfo and Patty Blee. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHKSymL4UCo

About Patty Blee:
Patty has developed a distinctive guitar style full of bass lines and grooves, intertwining memorable melodies into songs of love and longing on her albums “Disguise” and “Acoustic Vibe.” A wide range of influences are evident and include: blues, folk, celtic, country and rock. It’s music meant to move the soul.

About Ernie Trionfo:
In listening to some of his YouTube videos, Ernie has an amazing guitar player and he performs in numerous bands. His latest recording was done by Jimmy Heffernan.

April will be another open mic night format, and for May the organization is pleased to be hosting multi-instrumentalist, Tom Kingston, as its featured performer. Tom is well-known from the Irish Session, the Circlewood Coffeehouse and the Rubber Souls, and he can play anything fron Celtic, Beatles, rock, folk and more.

For more info on the SJARMS, call (609) 280–4926, visit: www.sjarms.com or visit the organization’s Facebook page: South Jersey Acoustic Roots Music Society.

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