Starbucks is coming to Cinnaminson

Mayor Anthony Minniti announced today that Cinnaminson will be getting a Starbucks

Mayor Anthony Minniti announced via Facebook today that Cinnaminson will be getting a Starbucks. This has been a highly anticipated addition to Cinnaminson for some time.

The coffee shop will be located on the corner of Route 130 South and Wynnwood Drive.

“A letter of intent has been signed and a lease is pending final corporate approval,” Minniti said.

Minniti added that Starbucks will present a conceptual site plan to Cinnaminson Township committee at the Feb. 6 council meeting and that he is anticipating a submission to the planning board in the coming weeks.

“Another vacant space in an aging retail center will be transformed into an attractive, vibrant destination for our community.” Minniti said.

This announcement comes not long after Minniti announced that European grocery store Lidl will be coming to Cinnaminson.

“All the economic development activity we’re seeing this year is the culmination of months of behind the scenes hard work,” Minniti said. “The reason we are enjoying such success is due to the reputation we’ve cultivated in the business community.”

Minniti says that the addition of Economic Development Director and previous mayor Mike Minton to an already strong team has been invaluable.

“We have an outstanding, seasoned team an that gives us the advantage over neighboring communities when we’re fighting to attract many of the same businesses,” Minniti said.

Minniti did not announce when Starbucks will be opening but did say that it will include a drive-through and will inhabit the previous Paula’s Diner space.