‘Keep your eyes open and heart alert’ to find true love

Michael has been married to his wife Sharon for 35 years, crediting fate and persistence to their relationship.

By: Michael Richman
For The Sun

I am a lucky man; she still loves me.

It was the spring of 1979 and I was shopping at Spencer Gifts in the Cherry Hill Mall. There was this cute girl there; tanned, pretty and petite. She worked there and I needed a gift for a friend. She helped me and we talked for an hour or so, and that was it. I left thinking I should have gotten her number, what a dummy. So, I went back the next day, and the next, and the next, for probably three weeks with no success. Finally, she worked again, and this time I got her number. She was happy I came back, too. Something clicked.

Our first date was at H. A. Winston’s. She was still in high school, 12th grade, and I was in my second year of college. We either talked or saw each other every day since then. I believe it was meant to be.

Life is difficult and complicated enough, so keep your eyes open and heart alert to find your soul mate. Always smile, be upbeat, helpful and friendly, you never know where you will find your love. There’s nothing perfect in this world, or your life, but if you have someone who loves you, even though sometimes you don’t deserve it, hold on to them because you can do just about anything with love.

I still love you too, Sharon.

Love, Michael

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