Haddon Avenue reconstruction to be a long-term project

The project isn’t set to start until at least 2018

Haddon Avenue construction will likely begin sometime in 2019.

The project to reconstruct Haddon Avenue that was originally planned to start this year is being pushed back, according to Commissioner John Moscatelli. However, Moscatelli was not able to say when the construction will start.

The project is meant to address long-term needs on roadways identified on Route 561 from Evesham Road in Cherry Hill to Kresson Road in Haddonfield as well as Haddon Avenue from Kresson Road to Route 130.

“This long-term project will address all aspects of roadway travel and focus on the utilities under the roadway,” Camden County Freeholder Susan Shin-Angulo said. “We are taking a holistic approach to roadway construction so we don’t run into issues in the future that will cause us to undermine a freshly paved street to fix a broken utility.”

Haddonfield will be partnering with PSE&G, South Jersey Gas, New Jersey American Water and the county sewage authority for this project. The borough will also be working on curb and handicap ramp installation, traffic signal design, turn arrows, stormwater management design and installation and utility relocation, according to Shin-Angulo.

The borough is still in the preliminary phase of the project, which is why no definite start dates have been set.

“Most likely, the first phase of the project in Cherry Hill could start in 2018, and if all goes well, the Haddon Avenue portion could start in 2019, but right now there are too many other variables, seen and unforeseen, in order to provide hard start and end dates,” Shin-Angulo said.

Shin-Angulo is reassuring residents officials are doing everything in their power to limit inconveniences and damages.

According to Moscatelli, power outages should also be kept to a minimum. However, he does anticipate some short-term impact on local businesses in the form of loss of street parking and people avoiding the area.

“I’m sure the county will do all they can to have the work completed in a timely fashion and minimize these impacts,” Moscatelli said.

Despite a few negative impacts, Moscatelli foresees many benefits for the borough.

“As part of this project, the borough will be doing street-scaping, extending many aspects of the current downtown streetscape along Haddon [Avenue],” Moscatelli said. “This will help to unify the business district and will hopefully lead to more foot traffic for businesses.”

Moscatelli added the borough will also be attempting to “beautify” the Ellis Street entrance to town by adding grass park strips and medians. He says the borough will hold a public meeting in the near future to gain input from residents.

Moscatelli also anticipates reconstructing Haddon Avenue will improve accessibility and traffic flow.

Shin-Angulo is committed to keeping the community informed and involved during the construction period.

“We know that this road has some of the highest volumes of vehicle traffic in the county, and depending on the location of the roadway, has a healthy mix of commercial and residential stakeholders,” Shin-Angulo said. “As this project moves forward, there will be a robust communications structure in place to ensure the community is notified of any and all progress and changes that may take place.”