Bunker Hill Middle School’s Isabelle Nutt wins fifth-annual Middle School Idol

Students from Washington Township’s three middle schools competed for the title and chance to perform at the high school’s Pops concert

From left: overall 1st runner up, Cade Padilla, sixth grade at Chestnut Ridge Middle School, 2017 Middle School Idol Winner, Isabelle Nutt, seventh grade at Bunker Hill Middle School, 2016 Middle School Idol winner, Stephanie Masapollo, and overall 2nd runner up, Sabrina Sims, eighth grade at Chestnut Ridge Middle School.

Bunker Hill Middle School seventh-grader Isabelle Nutt belted out “Change” to win the grade-level portion of the fifth annual Middle School Idol competition and wowed the judges with “I Am” to claim the overall title in the competition. With her win, Nutt has earned the opportunity to perform in the Washington Township High School Pops Concert on Thursday, Feb. 16, at the Investors Bank Performing Arts Center.

The competition was hosted by WTHS choral group presidents Katie Stella and Elena LeVan, and co-sponsored by the Orchard Valley Drama Club and the Panther Pride Club. Teachers Alyssa Campanini, Amy Leso, Kelly Walz and Joe Zachowski coordinated the event, and Katie Knoblock, Hope Wagner, Carla Coats, David Gibbins and Nicole Corigliano judged the competition.

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The WTHS Pop Choir also performed, as did 2014 Middle School Idol winner Antonia Brunetti and 2016 winner Stephanie Masapollo.

The results of the competition were as follows:

Grade 6:
2nd Runner Up: Talia Mazzuca (OVMS)
1st Runner Up: Nicole Forte (BHMS)
Winner: Cade Padilla (CRMS)

Grade 7:
2nd Runner Up: Alyssa Bauersfeld (CRMS)
1st Runner Up: Alison Maselek (OVMS)
Winner: Isabelle Nutt (BHMS)

Grade 8:
2nd Runner Up: Lindsey Cockerill (CRMS)
1st Runner Up: (TIE) Shane Waters (OVMS) & Ava Troxel (BHMS)
Winner: Sabrina Sims (CRMS)

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