Cherry Hill’s Mary Caruso finishes in second place on Jeopardy!

Caruso finished the game with $13,950, just $51 behind the winner, John Avila of Arlington, Va.

Cherry Hill registered nurse Mary Caruso came just short of becoming a Jeopardy! champion Monday night. During her debut on the quiz show, Caruso finished in second place with $13,950, finishing just $51 behind winner John Avila of Arlington Va.

Caruso got the Final Jeopardy answer correct. The clue was “Villages like Zalesye, Kopachi and Lubyanka remain abandoned three decades after this event.” Caruso’s correct answer was “What is the Chernobyl nuclear accident?”

Caruso’s correct final Jeopardy answer nearly doubled her money. She wagered $6,950 to increase her score from $7,000 to $13,950. However, she was unable to catch Avila, who also got the Final Jeopardy answer correct, wagering $6,501 to finishing with $14,001.

Caurso finished the first round of the game with $1,400, well behind defending champion Eli Nehus, who finished the first round with $4,800. Caruso closed the gap in the Double Jeopardy round, bumping her score up to $7,000, just $1,400 out of first place heading into Final Jeopardy.