Berlin Borough Council holds annual reorganization meeting

Jim Pearce was sworn in for another three-year term and re-elected as president. Dan MacDonnell was sworn in as a newly elected member for a three-year term.

Berlin Borough councilman Jim Pearce sworn in for council by Solicitor Howard Long as Pearce’s sons, James and Luke, assist.

Jim Pearce and Dan MacDonnell took their oath of office as they were sworn in as members of the Berlin Borough Council last week. This will be Pearce’s third term and seventh year on council and MacDonnell’s first term. Pearce was also chosen as president.

Pearce was grateful to all who attended in the snowy weather conditions, including the public works department who came after working on the streets all day.

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“All the public works people who were plowing snow and shoveling all day, they and several others came,” he said. “People braved the storm and it was nice to have that support from people. I appreciate it.”

Pearce was also thankful to those who attended who didn’t necessarily know him, but went to support and thank him for the job he’s been doing on council.

“So many people were there that I have only met because they’ve reached out to support us, but I didn’t know them,” he said. “But they were so happy with the job we were doing; they started supporting me without having ever met me. I’m really humbled by that. They are there because they like the job we are doing and are very passionate about it.”

Pearce said he’s lucky to have his job on council because of change people constantly want.

“People don’t like incumbents, they want fresh faces, but I think I’m getting lucky that we do keep reinventing how we’re doing things,” he said. “We keep doing things a little bit differently. We’re not afraid to double back and say that didn’t work, we’ll do it this way. We don’t want to get stuck where it’s always been done this way. That doesn’t mean that’s the right way to do it. That’s what I really want to keep doing.”

Pearce is excited to have MacDonnell because of his education and military background.

“I think Dan is very intelligent,” he said. “He’s done a lot. I’m very impressed with his education and military service. I think he will bring a lot to the table.”

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