Cinnaminson Board of Education re-elects Jean M. Cohen as board president

James McGuckin will also keep his position as vice president

The Cinnaminson Township Public Schools Board of Education chose Jean M. Cohen for board president for 2017 at the reorganization meeting. Cohen also served as president in 2016. James McGuckin will once again serve as vice president of the board.

Board secretary Thomas Egan swore in board members Christine L. Turner, Christine R. Trampe and Cohen. Turner, Trampe and Cohen ran for three unopposed board seats in the 2016 election. Turner and Cohen were both re-elected board members, whereas Trampe is a new member to the board. Daniel Gaffney was sworn in for a one-year term.

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Turner received the most votes with 4,933 votes, 34.62 percent of the total vote. Trampe received 4,694 votes, 32.94 percent, and Cohen received 4,560 votes, 32 percent. Sixty-four voters wrote in a candidate for school board.

Gaffney received 99.45 percent of the total vote for the one-year term, with 30 voters writing in a candidate.

The board re-elected Thomas Egan as secretary, public agency compliance officer and district purchasing agent for 2017.

The board appointed Mark Gidjunis as treasurer of school moneys, Frank Cavallo, Jr. as school solicitor, Robert Inverso as auditor, Garrison Architects as architect of record, Ed Palmer as the bloodborne pathogens co-manager and right-to-know co-coordinator, and Mark Tindall for various management responsibilities.

The next Board of Education meeting will be held on Jan. 17 at 7:30 p.m. at Cinnaminson Middle School.

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