Cinnaminson school district receives “A” grade

The district was graded on everything from administration to food

The rankings of school districts across the country have been released and Cinnaminson did quite well yet again. These rankings were developed by NICHE for the real estate market. It uses state test scores (PARCC 2014–2015 test results), college readiness, Graduation rates, SAT/ACT scores, teacher quality as measured by advanced degrees, student/teacher ratios, student/parent surveys, AP enrollment and AP pass rate and Advanced math enrollment.

For the 2015–2016 school year, Cinnaminson received an “A” overall average. The rankings are as follows: Academics — B+ (reflecting the 2014–15 PARCC scores), Administration — A, Clubs and Activities — A, College Readiness — A-, Culture and Diversity — B, Extracurriculars — A+, Food — A-, Resources and Facilities — A, Sports — A, and Teachers — A-.

For the southern New Jersey region including Burlington, Camden and Gloucester counties, Cinnaminson School District ranked 5th for Pre-K through 12 school districts and 6th overall when adding K-8s and Regionals. For all school districts in New Jersey, Cinnaminson ranked 80.