Year in Review: Taxes in Mt. Laurel Township in 2016

Council passes budget with no municipal tax increase

This year, Town Council passed another budget with no municipal tax increase.

The overall municipal budget reached $38 million, with the local municipal tax levy remaining at 34.3 cents per every $100 of an average Mt. Laurel homeowner’s assessed property value.

Residents with the average assessed home valued at $237,600 were set to continue paying about $814 a year for their municipal tax bill.

The BOE passed a budget with a $54.65 increase for the average homeowner’s K-8 school tax bill.

The increase was set to bring the K-8 tax bill for the average assessed home to about $2,525 per year.

Overall, Mt. Laurel residents with the township’s average assessed home value were expected to pay a combined total of about $6,524 in local taxes for 2016 when adding their municipal, school, county, fire district and other local tax bills.

Students place third in division at robotics competition

This June, the Harrington Middle School Marine Advanced Technology Education Team competed at the 15th annual MATE International ROV Competition at the NASA Johnson Space Center’s Neutral Buoyancy Lab in Houston.

The Harrington students, one of only two middle school teams at their level, competed against students from places around the world such as Hong Kong, Egypt, Singapore, Scotland, Turkey and Russia.

During the competition, students used remotely operated vehicles they engineered and guided them through missions and tasks in 20 feet of water while executing various complex maneuvers.

Harrington’s third-place win ultimately came against 38 other teams. During the competition, the team also had to act as if it were its own “company” and convince judges it was adept at building and selling remotely operated vehicles.