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Moorestown menorah working, despite online concern

A family came to light the menorah, unaware that it was on an automatic timer.

For some time on the evening of the third day of Hanukkah, which took place on Monday, Dec. 26, the menorah at the Moorestown Community House instead showed four lit candles. Taking to Facebook, members of the town’s online community wondered if the menorah was malfunctioning, however the count was a mere miscommunication.

According to Executive Director of the Community House, Caryn Lynch, there is absolutely no issue with the menorah. She explained that it has been on a timer so that it would come on, along with the tree, at the same time every night.

Yet, that evening, she was not notified that a family had been designated to visit the Community House and light the menorah themselves.

“I would have circumvented the timer [if I knew],” Lynch said. “I have since clarified this with the Moorestown Jewish Association.”

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