MTPS Board thanks one Board member and two staff members

At its monthly meeting, the Board recognized a Board member and two members of staff for their service.

The Moorestown Township Public Schools Board of Education sincerely thanked Board member Matt J. Simeone for his valuable service at its monthly meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 20.

“Simeone has been on the Board of Education for the past six and a half years. During this time he has served the community admirably and extremely well,” Board of Education President, Kathy Goldenberg said.

Simeone has had several leadership positions on committees during his tenure on the Board, including the positions on the Curriculum Committee, Operations and Facilities Committee and Negotiations Committee with the Moorestown Administration Association. He has also served on the Budget and Finance and Communications Committee.

At the meeting, the Board and the Administration also recognized and thanked two staff members upon their upcoming retirement. Ray Kelly, vice principal at the William Allen Middle School, was applauded for his tremendous service as a vice principal. Additionally, Upper Elementary School nurse since it’s inception, Mrs. Virginia Cavalier, was also recognized prior to her retirement.

“[Kelly and Cavalier] have both been a tremendous inspiration to all staff members and a role model and friend to the students at all times,” Goldenberg said.