“Shop Haddonfield” Property Tax Reward Program announces 20 participating businesses

The Partnership for Haddonfield and the Borough of Haddonfield are pleased to announce that 20 businesses have signed up to participate in the newly launched “Shop Haddonfield” Property Tax Reward Program. That number is expected to continue to grow.

The Property Tax Reward Program is a special tax-incentive program that allows Haddonfield homeowners to earn a property tax credit each time a purchase is made at a local business participating in the program.

“Shop Haddonfield” cards were distributed to all Haddonfield residents the first week of December. When shopping at a participating business using the special “Shop Haddonfield” reward card, a percentage of each purchase is applied as a credit to the homeowner’s property tax bill. The Partnership for Haddonfield and the Borough of Haddonfield encourage everyone to register the card at www.PropertyTaxCard.com/ShopHaddonfield to start saving today. A full list of participating local businesses and their tax reward offers can also be found on this site.

“This program has proven to be highly successful in several other communities, both as a savings to residents, and as a way to encourage increased local shopping,” said Mayor Jeff Kasko. “This has truly been a community effort and we’re so pleased that 20 businesses have signed up for the Tax Program so far.”

Once your card has been registered online, simply present the “Shop Haddonfield” reward card when purchasing an item or service from a participating business. You can also provide the phone number used to register your card to receive your credit.

The property tax rewards will be processed electronically, and will accrue in an escrow account until the end of the fiscal year, May 1 through April 30. The total amount of credits earned during this period will be credited to homeowner’s third quarter property tax bill.

Those who do not own a property in Haddonfield can also participate in the Property Tax Reward Program by registering at www.PropertyTaxCard.com/ShopHaddonfield. Visitors and renters who participate in this program will receive a yearly rebate check for the amount of savings, minus a $7 check processing fee.

Below is a list of participating businesses in the “Shop Haddonfield” Property Tax Reward Program to date. Patrons must check with businesses for details.

Kings Court:

Amixx Boutique — 8 Kings Court

Jewelry & Timepiece Mechanix — 16 Ellis Street (Kings Court)

Marie’s Sandwich Bar — 6 Kings Court

Wild Violet Natural Specialties — 3 Kings Court

Kings Highway:

Bistro at Haddonfield — 59 Kings Highway East

Community Bikes and Boards — 142 Kings Highway East

Duffy’s Fine Chocolates — 145 Kings Highway East

Haddonfield Fine Jewelers –116 Kings Highway East

Jax Boutique –105 Kings Highway East

Jay West Bridal — 151 Kings Highway East

Jeffrey Charles Designs Jewelry and Repairs — 111 Kings Highway East

Le Café’ Creperie — 139 Kings Highway

Maxappeal Boutique — 130 Kings Highway East

Maxwell James Apparel — 137 Kings Highway East

The Nail Café’ — 223 Kings Highway East

Tanner Street:

Colette Oswald Photography — 40 Tanner Street

Jules Portrait Design, LLC — 12 Tanner Street

Mechanic Street:

In the Kitchen Cooking School — 10 Mechanic Street

Pure Couture Consignment — 23 Mechanic Street

West End Avenue:

Haddonfield Inn — 44 West End Avenue

For more information about Downtown Haddonfield, please call the Haddonfield Information Center at (856) 216–7253 or visit DowntownHaddonfield.com.