Boxwood Arts receives grant from Haddonfield Foundation


The community group that is working to establish a theatre and cultural center on the site of historic Boxwood Hall has received a $5,000 grant from the Haddonfield Foundation. Boxwood Arts will use the funds to establish and maintain its capital campaign database.
Dave Stavetski, chair of the Boxwood Arts executive committee, said the group recognizes the importance of taking a comprehensive approach to the capital campaign.
“It requires not just special expertise,” Stavetski said, “but powerful tools and substantial clerical support. The grant from the Haddonfield Foundation will enable us to undertake this work in a manner that is appropriate for the nature of the project.”
The Haddonfield Foundation has a long track-record of providing financial support to fledgling projects and organizations. Among the best-known are Haddonfield Child Care, Interfaith Caregivers, and the Farmers’ Market.
“We’ve provided funds to more than 60 Haddonfield groups and projects over the past 30 years,” Foundation representative Marie DiMatties said. “Many of them might never have got off the ground without the seed money we provided.”
“We were impressed with the Boxwood committee’s vision for preserving the historic site as a single unit,” DiMatties added, “and with their understanding of the need for a sophisticated capital campaign. That’s why we didn’t hesitate to respond positively to their request for funds.”