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Four water sources at Kingston Elementary test above the limit for lead

Cherry Hill Public Schools released more results of its water testing earlier this week. The results revealed four water sources at Kingston test above the Lead Action Limit of 15 parts per billion.

Four more water sources in Cherry Hill schools buildings have tested above the Environmental Protection Agency’s limit for lead of 15 parts per billion, according to the latest round of results published by the school district.

Earlier this week, school officials released lead testing results for Kingston Elementary, Kilmer Elementary and Barton Elementary schools. The results shows four water sources tested above 15 parts per billion for lead. All of those outlets were at Kingston, with three of the four sources being bubblers and the fourth affected outlet being a water fountain. No water sources at Kilmer or Barton tested above the limit.

In the first round of testing done in the school district earlier in the fall, nine water sources at five Cherry Hill elementary schools tested above the limit for lead. Woodcrest, Bret Harte, Horace Mann, Sharp and Johnson elementary schools all had at least one water source test above the limit for lead, while all of the water sources at Stockton Elementary School and the Malberg Administration Building tested below the limit.

Shortly after the first round of testing, district officials announced plans to combat lead in the water across all school buildings. The plans included eliminating bubblers in most classrooms, installing filtration systems on any sinks where lead was detected and replacing all water fountains where lead was detected.

The district expects to complete lead testing in all of its buildings by the end of the year.

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