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Medford Community Helped Celebrate Return of Maj. Tim Banks


Maj. Tim Banks, a resident of Medford, has been on five deployments to the Southwest Asia since 2009. On Sunday, Nov. 20, the United States Air Force serviceman returned home from his most recent deployment and was immediately greeted and celebrated by local town members who were appreciative of his service to their country.

That day, Banks was greeted by dozens of residents, some of whom made signs to help welcome the veteran home. Other members of the community cheered the 33-year old Georgia native on, while many came forward to shake the hand of the local hero.

Although he was nervous and excited before his first deployment seven years ago, Banks said he has loved doing his part in serving his country ever since. As an KC-10 Tanker pilot, he has toured the countries of Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan and the United Arab Emirates.

Banks first decided to enlist in the military in high school because he felt both the desire to serve and the dream to fly. To become a pilot, Banks had to commit 10 years to the Air Force, during which he has achieved eight Air Medals for more than 170 combat missions and shared memorable times with the people he was able to work alongside.

“As far as joining the military: If you have a desire to serve your country and better yourself, the military will provide you with a rewarding job and career, and you will become part of a family of some of the greatest men and women this country has to offer.”

Before joining the military, Banks had only traveled to Georgia and its surrounding states, but now he has been to more than 10 countries, lived in five states and has traveled to more states than he can remember. Yet, during his pre-military years, Banks obtained a bachelor’s degree from Auburn University and a master’s degree from the University of Arkansas.

He met his wife, Maggie, in 2007 while in college, and the couple now has two sons — Eli, age 6, and Beau, age 2. He admitted that as his children get older, it has become more difficult being away from his family on deployments, however he expects to be deployed again sometime next year.

“I try to live my life by the well known military priority list of ‘God, Family, Country,’” Banks said.

In the time between his deployments, Banks flies non-combat missions around the world and trains to ensure the Air Force is constantly prepared. He loves spending time with his wife and children, movies, carpentry and sports — he’s a die-hard Auburn fan.

Banks also enjoys the Medford community, which his family has now been a part of for a year, and all the great activities at his home, too. He recalled there were a few towns, but when they came to look for a home, they fell in love with Medford.

Banks plans to continue to follow in the strong work ethic and example that has been influenced by his father. Banks said he will be proud of his sons for whatever they choose to do in life, and he never wants them to feel obligated to join the military because he did. Instead, Banks wants them to follow their own hearts and dreams.

“The best advice I ever received was from one of my previous bosse. He said, ‘‘Life is not fair, you deserve nothing, and you have to work hard for what you want.’ I believe that people should always pursue their dreams and desires but realize that any achievements are only worth it when you have earned them through hard work and determination” Banks said.

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