Cherry Hill Fire Department kicking off 2016 Santa Tour on Sunday

Santa Claus will tour the neighborhoods of Cherry Hill Township with the fire department from Sunday, Dec. 11 through Sunday, Dec. 18.

Santa Claus will be making his annual trip around Cherry Hill Township beginning Sunday.

Santa will be riding around all of the township neighborhoods in a Cherry Hill Fire Department truck as the fire department presents its annual 2016 Santa tour. Santa will begin his tour of the township on Sunday, Dec. 11. The tour will continue through next week, ending on Sunday, Dec. 18.

The fire department has released a tentative schedule for when Santa will visit each neighborhood. The full schedule can be found on the Cherry Hill Township website at

Residents can also find out when Santa will arrive on their street thank to the fire department’s Santa Neighborhood Map. The link to the map can also be found on the township website.

The fire department may change dates and times of Santa’s visit based on emergency responses, weather or other factors. Visit the Santa neighborhood map or check the fire department’s Facebook page at for updates.