Tabernacle School District and Tabernacle Education Association go to mediator for new contract agreement


The Tabernacle School District’s Board of Education Negotiations Committee and the Tabernacle Education Association have been meeting over the past several months to come up with a new contract for the TSD staff.

The BOE meeting last week told the public the negotiations for the new contract will require a state-appointed mediator. The board hopes a conclusion benefitting all will come soon.

“We thank the community and staff for their support. We look forward to concluding this process in the area that serves the best interest of the children, staff and entire tax-paying community,” board member Kevin McCloy said.

The TEA’s current contract expired on June 30, but by law that contract remains in effect until the board and TEA agree on a replacement contract.

Over the past several months, the BOE negotiation committee and the TEA have held numerous negotiation sessions to develop and create a new contract. While both sides were able to come to tentative agreements on certain proposals regarding individual provisions of a new contract, an agreement on an overall new contract has not come to pass.

At the conclusion of the last negotiation session on Thursday, Nov. 3, the negotiations were at an impasse. Pursuant to state law, the services of a state-appointed mediator would be used to hopefully help facilitate a successful conclusion to the ongoing negotiations.

“The board looks forward to continuing to work with the TEA to bridge our differences and come to an agreement on a new contract as soon as possible,” McCloy said.

The TEA could not be reached for comment.

In other news:


• The Tabernacle BOE honored late board vice president Geneva Moore. Board president Victoria Shoemaker and board member John Bulina spoke very kind words in her memory. Her son Samuel R. Moore III, his wife Penny and his son Matthew, accepted a plaque and flowers for her. In honor of Geneva, the Kenneth Olson Middle School’s business office will be named after her.

“I cannot think of anyone who epitomizes the spirit and the soul of Tabernacle more than (Geneva) Moore,” Bulina said.

Board member Antony Laudicina was chosen to take over the role as vice president until the reorganization meeting next year.

• The school district is working to become more present on social media. The TSD has updated its Facebook page, and has a Twitter account, @tabschools.