Neck Road residents concerned over truck traffic

More than a dozen residents showed up to the Nov. 22 township council meeting to complain and present a petition

More than a dozen community members came to the Nov. 22 township council meeting to express concern over the truck traffic on Neck Road in Burlington Township.

Grant Valente, a 31-year resident of Neck Road, presented a petition to the township council that was signed by 37 residents, which Valente stated was most, if not all, of her neighborhood. Valente read the petition aloud to mayor and council.

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“We, the residents of Neck Road, plead and implore the mayor and council of the Township of Burlington, the Burlington County Board of Chosen Freeholders and the New Jersey Department of Transportation to take effective steps and measures that will curtail and/or eliminate commercial truck traffic that is occurring on Neck Road,” Valente said. “The commercial truck traffic on Neck Road — which has a four ton weight limit — is occurring during the course of the day and night. Said traffic is creating dangerous conditions that affect the peace and quality of life in our neighborhood.”

Resident Karen Hart said she almost forgot about the meeting until she sat down in her living room and saw a tractor trailer coming off the exit right toward her house.

“We have had the power lines and cable lines torn down from our house four times. We’ve only lived there two years,” Hart said.

Hart added that both her and her husband have sleep apnea, making it dangerous for their power to go out during the night.

Mayor Brian Carlin said he is aware of the issue and will pass it on to the necessary personnel.

Director of Public Safety Bruce Painter brought the concerned community members to the community room in the Municipal Building and explained that the police department is taking extra measures to prevent truck traffic on Neck Road. He said he has been putting additional patrol cars in the area, but the department can’t afford to put an officer there at all hours.

Painter also said he put a sign board on the road highlighting that no truck traffic was allowed, but the sign broke. He will be getting the sign back up as soon as possible. Painter and the rest of the department are planning to heavily ticket violators of truck laws on Neck Road to get the issue under control.

Painter accepted suggestions from the residents and said the department is working on a plan.

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