Letter to the Editor: Emily Magana

My name is Emily Magana, I am one of the members of the Strawbridge Lake Beautification Committee and wanted to take a minute to write and let you know how impressed I was with our township and the residence that showed up to work on the lake during our work weekend of Saturday, Nov. 5 and Sunday, Nov. 6.

We had over 30 residents, young children through senior citizens, who came and worked tirelessly to help clean up and restore our little stretch of Strawbridge Lake. High school students were asking questions about plants, the vines, weeds and seeking advice from the plant enthusiasts that were among us.

Over 15 residents who live along the lake came out to help. One resident who has lived on the lake since 1987 said that this is the lake he moved here for, this is the lake he remembers. To actually see the lake after it has been hidden for so long behind the overgrown bushes and invasive plants that had overtaken the shoreline.

From my perspective, it was absolutely wonderful to see neighbors helping neighbors, working together to accomplish a huge task. It’s no secret that the lake has been long neglected, but I believe that we were able to get good work done.

I would like to ensure residents that this was only the beginning. We hope to next replace the dead and invasive plants with native grasses and shrubs that will fill in the area, help to prevent erosion of the shoreline, but also maintain the gorgeous view of the lake for all of us to enjoy.

I would also love the sponsors of the day to be noted. Since no funds were allocated for this project from the township, we reached out to local businesses to ask for supplies. We were blown away with those that gave, and I believe they helped make this day such a success.

941 Payroll and Timekeeping donated a wheelbarrow, and the owners are neighbors who also came to work both days.

Wing King delivered four pizzas each day to feed the workers. The owners, Kristen and Michael Babcock, were wonderfully generous and huge supporters throughout the entire process.

Moorestown Hardware donated construction trash bags to help with clean up efforts, as well as helping us secure all of the other donated items so that purchases we made could be kept in town and support our town’s small business.

Sage Reality Group and The Allen family brought lots of water and beverages for the workers.

And finally, Lisa Petriello, Amy Leis and Kati Angelini gave a most generous donation that allowed us to purchase gloves, tarps and rakes to make the clean up that much easier. Petriello and Angelini also came and worked for much of the day Sunday. All three have been so supportive in understanding our concerns as residents of the lake, and helping to guide us as to the best methods to get the job done!

Our hope is now that all of the dead, overgrown, and invasive plants have been removed it is a much more manageable area, that can be maintained easily by those who love the lake and want to see it looking beautiful every day.

To anyone wishing to join our committee for our next work day, I hope you will email me at SLBC08057@gmail.com.

A Thankful Resident,
Emily Magana