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Department of Parks and Recreation Column

With the approaching holiday season, the theme of gratitude and thanks is at the forefront of the Department of Parks and Recreation.

Throughout the year, we recognize those who make the multitude of community programs available. In reviewing programs over the course of the year, the Department is thankful for the organizations, the community partners and the individuals that make recreation programs work.

First, a thank you to those individuals who choose to support recreation leagues by being volunteer coaches. These individuals give their time not only to their child, but to the many other children who play on their teams. From recreation soccer and field hockey, to basketball and lacrosse, these volunteer coaches take time to mentor and guide young athletes as they develop core fundamentals of sports and sportsmanship. Thank you volunteer coaches for your time and your care!

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Second, we must thank the many instructors who work through the Department of Parks and Recreation. Over the last three years, the Department has grown in scale and scope and has broadened its offerings from toddlers to adults, from athletics to arts and cooking, the Department has expanded its programs so that there truly is something for everyone! The Department thanks the instructors for their dedication to community-based programs and for their desire to help provide high quality, accessible programs.

Additionally, thank you to the many sponsors who help to provide program support, from t-shirts to materials to instructors. Community based support for the many programs that the Department runs helps the Department to keep registration fees manageable and thereby maintaining accessibility. The businesses and organizations that support recreation help to support the many high quality programs that have become part of the annual recreation offerings.

And finally, thank you to a small group of dedicated individuals who, two years ago, took on a challenge to provide a safe, accessible space for Moorestown youth: the staff, the volunteers and supporters of the Recreation Open Gym Program. Recreation Open Gym provides a safe, welcoming environment for all Moorestown youth. The adults who facilitate this program are not just monitors or administrators, but also mentors and leaders. These individuals work with the youth and provide them, not only recreational outlets, but also the opportunity to give back and opportunities to grow. Attendees of the Open Gym program are given the opportunity to do volunteer work at the Recreation Center, and some have even gone on to be hired for seasonal work. This Open Gym Program offers not only a recreational haven, but also an opportunity for young people to grow and develop skills for life.

The Moorestown Department of Parks and Recreation wants to share its gratitude for the many individuals, organizations and partners who support recreation and the recreation philosophy. And to all Moorestown Residents — have a happy and safe Thanksgiving! As we count our blessings, let’s be thankful for a community that supports its residents.


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