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No election stickers in Burlington County

The infamous “I Voted” stickers were not in the county’s budget this year

After candidate boxes are checked, Burlington County voters have been left questioning why they had not being given the “I Voted” stickers. According to the Burlington County Board of Elections, this is because the stickers were simply not in the county’s budget this year.

One of this year’s top trends among social media users includes taking photos showing off the infamous “I Voted” stickers across a variety of platforms such as Instagram and SnapChat. While this isn’t possible without having a sticker in possession, this Election Day, a number of social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter are allowing users to embed digital “I Voted” stickers on their page.

While digital stickers may be enough for some, other residents are disappointed the physical stickers were not being offered at the polls. One woman from Moorestown said the stickers are a great way to encourage others to get out and vote, and without them there won’t be the same effect.

“I do think my vote makes a difference, and we should, in one way or another, advocate that we’re out here voting,” Nicole Harrison-Byrd said. “By wearing the stickers, we’d be inspiring others to get up and do so, too.”

If having the physical stickers to wear is of importance to voters, the Board of Elections reminds people they are available for purchase online. Some counties have more money than others, and for that reason Burlington County explains it was unable to obtain voting stickers this election year.

Joseph P. Dugan, the chairman of the Board of Elections, could not be reached for comment.

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