Burlington County election results could be delayed

This delay would be caused by a printing error that resulted in improper scanning information.

The total Burlington County election results could be delayed tonight as a printing error has resulted in thousands of mail-in-ballots in Burlington County to be counted by hand.

Chairman of the Board of Elections Joe Dugan stated that a printer did not put the proper scanning information on the mail-in-ballots so that they can be correctly counted in the county’s scanners. Thus, about 20,000 ballots will have to be hand counted according to Dugan.

This could delay the election results information for Burlington County tonight and into tomorrow. Dugan said the results from the machine polls will be updated online tonight, as those will not need to be hand counted. Dugan said Board of Election workers are working hard on hand counting the mail-in-ballots; however once they reach a certain time of the night, if they are not finished, they will resume counting in the morning.