Letter to the Editor: I support my fellow Democrat and colleague, Tom Fanelli


I write this letter in support of my fellow Democrat and colleague Tom Fanelli, for Voorhees Township Committee.

I have served with Tom for almost five years on the Voorhees Planning Board where Tom has been chairman. I have had a firsthand opportunity to observe and work with Tom serving our community. Tom is extremely organized and hardworking and always makes sure Voorhees residents have input into all development applications before the Planning Board. Tom works tirelessly to make sure that all development in Voorhees benefits the community and makes sense for our residents.

Tom will make an excellent member of Voorhees Township Committee. Tom and I strongly support public safety measures to put more police in our schools and to protect our residents throughout the community. As a longtime resident who raised his family in Voorhees, Tom also is a strong advocate for youth sports and recreation in Voorhees. Along with the rest of the Committee, Tom will worko hard to make sure every tax dollar is spent wisely and for the good of the community. He will bing new ideas and innovations to improve the quality of life that Voorhees residents except and deserve.

As Deputy Mayor of Voorhees, I strongly support Tom Fanelli for Voorhees Township Committee and ask that you join me in voting for him on Nov. 8.


Jason Ravitz