Student of the Month program expanding to younger grade levels

Superintendent Brian McBride announced that a student of the month from the third and fourth grade classes will be selected for the month of October.

Eighth grader Julia Klahn, tenth grader Gio Nahrwold and eleventh grader John Stokes were Palmyra High School’s students of the month for September 2016. Superintendent Brian McBride announced that the program will be extended to the third and fourth graders starting in October.

Palmyra Public Schools’ Student of the Month program strives to recognize students from the district who display outstanding qualities. The students chosen are recognized at the Board of Education meeting each month. At the Oct. 12 meeting, four students were recognized for their achievements in September.

“This is a great time in the evening to bring accolades and awards and attention to our hard-working students of the Palmyra School District,” Superintendent Brian McBride said before introducing Principals Mark Pease and Ken Holloway.

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Pease, principal of Charles Street School, recognized Janiah Torres as the student of the month. Torres was praised for her love of learning as well as her great character and willingness to help other students. Pease added that Torres always seems to be excited and smiling even when facing difficult tasks, mentioning she finds solutions to problems and works ahead even when the way ahead is complicated. Pease also said Torres is a leader and a strong learner who genuinely loves being at school.

Holloway, principal of Palmyra High School, recognized three students for student of the month. The first of the three was eighth grader Julia Klahn, who was selected by the Physical Education Department as September’s student of the month due to her upbeat, positive attitude and her willingness to always give 110 percent. Holloway noted that Klahn has a great personality and is a natural leader who loves to help others. In addition to being an avid student, Klahn is very respectful of her teachers and peers. Holloway added that Klahn is very passionate and dedicated, both on and off the soccer field, and is always a good sport. He concluded by saying that Klahn has the type of character the district likes to see in all of its students.

The ninth- and 10-grade student of the month was Gio Nahrwold. Holloway started off by saying Nahrwold has been a leader and role model since his freshman year. He went on to say that Nahrwold is very impressive both as a student and an athlete. Nahrwold is involved with soccer, baseball and community service. Holloway added that Nahrwold excels each year and has displayed excellent character and outstanding behavior. His demeanor, charisma and good will are what makes his classmates look up to and respect him. Holloway concluded by saying Nahrwold is very respectful and his potential is unlimited.

The final student recognized by Holloway was the 11th- and 12th-grade student of the month and physical education allstar Jack Stokes. Holloway said Stokes is always prepared for class and has maintained an A or B average in every one of his classes for his entire high school career. Holloway continued to say Stokes is extremely helpful and always has a smile on his face. Although he can seem shy and timid at first glance, there is a lot more than what meets the eye. Holloway said Stokes has a great heart and a competitive edge unmatched by anyone else. His determination and fearless attitude make him a leader by example. Holloway finished by saying Palmyra is lucky to have Stokes in the district for the next two years.

At the end of the presentations, McBride announced the Student of the Month program will be expanding to the third and fourth graders as well as the fifth and sixth graders starting in October. These students will be recognized at the Nov. 9 Board of Education meeting.

In other news:

• In light of recent creepy clown incidents, the district is requesting if students dress up for Halloween, they do not dress up as clowns. Costumes with weapons and blood are also prohibited.

• According to a presentation by McBride, Palmyra High School has seen a steady climb in SAT scores.

• Student representative Rebecca Lake discussed respect activities that will be taking place at the Charles Street School throughout October, including parades, assemblies and an anti-bullying day.

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