Meet this year’s candidates for the Evesham Township Council Election — Week 4

This year Evesham has two open seats for Evesham Township Council.

For the past several weeks The Sun has been asking candidates in the Nov. 8 election for council seats to respond to questions pertinent to local issues.

This week candidates were given space to make a “final pitch” as to why they should be elected/re-elected:

Republican Robert DiEnna

1.) Make your final pitch. Why should you be elected/re-elected to town council?

As an Evesham Township councilman, Planning Board member and liaison to the Municipal Utilities Authority, my ability to work within government organizations, agencies and departments has grown broader and deeper with each year of experience. I have a proven record of performance with focus and emphasis on controlling and lowering taxes, while increasing services.

While a member of the council team, some of my accomplishments include resolutions, approvals and support of our statewide and nationally awarded police department, body cameras for every officer, plus an officer in every school.

Additional achievements include The Fields at Arrowhead, the 911 Memorial, support of our fire department, EMTs, and first responders, dog parks, numerous downtown events, and a dynamic plan for new construction, redevelopment, rehabilitation and revitalization valued in excess of $300 million dollars.

I also recognize that none of these things occur without our highly trained, skilled and motivated supervisors and staff.

Also, with 50-plus years of employment in the private sector in every capacity from business founder, to owner, partner, manager and employee, I am well suited and disciplined in matters of financial and resource responsibility and stewardship.

Now in my 47th year as a Marlton resident, running for reelection, I maintain the desire and dedication to serve my “All Things Evesham” community as your councilman, neighbor and friend.

Democrats John Bravo and Philip Warren

1.) Make your final pitch. Why should you be elected/re-elected to town council?

We have spent the last two months campaigning for council, and what we’ve heard from voters is undeniable: it’s time for change in Evesham.

Accountability and transparency matter to voters, and we’re the candidates who can bring good government values to our town council.

Our opponents are good people, but for the past four years they have been unable to have meaningful debates and discussions when voting at council meetings and have loyally followed the direction of Mayor Brown by approving his agenda month after month with little to no debate, criticisms or proposed alternatives.

We don’t believe that that is the best way to run our local government, especially when it comes to spending our taxpayer dollars and addressing redevelopment.

Voters have also overwhelmingly agreed with our message when we talk with them, and have also overwhelmingly agreed that, regardless of how our opponents conduct themselves, our town council needs balance and different opinions on it. Single-party rule is not an effective way to ensure that our leaders are acting responsibly and with the best interests of every resident in mind, nor is it truly representative of the makeup of our great town.

The public deserves leaders who ask questions at council meetings, bring the public into the decision-making process, make sure that the best options are being voted on, and ensure that our taxpayer dollars are being spent as wisely as possible.

If elected, we will be honored to represent every resident of our town and will look out for everyone’s best interests, and will work hard to fulfill our promises. We love our town and everyone we share it with, and cannot wait to go to work for all of you next year.

Republican Ken D’Andrea

1.) Make your final pitch. Why should you be elected/re-elected to town council?

I am blessed, honored and appreciative to represent and serve the residents of Evesham Township. As a lifelong resident who is raising my family here, I continue to be very passionate about this wonderful community. I view myself as an approachable individual who listens and is personable, sincere and available to everyone and anyone. I have always viewed the operation, management, and planning of the township as a business where the profits go back to the residents in the form of improved, increased or enhanced services or lower taxes. Increasing revenues, optimizing our cost structure and providing the best customer service experience for the residents is my continuing mission. Having a broad set of experiences and successes in the business community has allowed me to adapt and integrate some of those principles in this public space.

Through collaboration with my colleagues and residents, along with advocating for the community, I have helped bring a number of positive outcomes in a variety of areas. We have one of the lowest per capita burdens in the region. We are fiscally sound with a very high bond rating and an appropriate surplus. We have lowered the municipal tax rate the last three years. We developed and promoted shared services with other townships. We have provided new and improved services to the community. We have improved communications with our residents. We have award-winning parks and police department.

I would like to have the opportunity to continue on that path of success for the township and create an environment of sustainability for future generations. I will continue to bring that business sense, analytical thinking, work ethic and integrity to decisions that I make. I will continue to listen and act with humility. While you may run for office under a given banner and are supported by a certain sets of groups, when you are in office, you represent everyone and govern for all. If I am fortunate to be re-elected, I will remain focused on keeping Evesham Township a great place to live, work and raise a family.