Body Cameras Coming to officers with the Burlington County Sheriff’s Department

The department says the technology will improve public and officer safety and assist with prosecution and case resolution.

Burlington County Sheriff Jean Stanfield has announced the implementation of body worn cameras for her officers at the Burlington County Sheriff’s Department. The department will begin phasing in use of the body worn cameras effective Oct. 31.

“Body worn camera footage is similar to footage from a cell phone camera. The body worn cameras will be mounted to an officer’s uniform at the chest, shoulder, or waist area,” Stanfield said. “The cameras will point away from the officer and will capture images in the camera’s field of vision. Residents who interact with officers will now be recorded on body camera footage.”

According to the department, the use of body worn video camera technology will improve public safety, enhance officer safety, assist with prosecution and case resolution, and further promote professionalism, integrity and transparency.

“This is just one of the ways in which my department is enhancing trust and ensuring transparency and accountability in law enforcement operations,” Stanfield said.

The video will automatically upload to a secured server where it will be saved and accessed for review. End-users cannot tamper with video files stored on the server or on the body worn camera itself. The cameras record a continuous 30-second loop, so when an officer activates the device while interacting with the public, images of what occurred will be available.