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Letter to the Editor: Mimi Warburton

I am the proud mother of a police officer. It’s not an easy role! Every day, my son wears the blue, and I am filled with immense pride, and pray for not only for his protection but for all men and women in blue. As I said when I started the Blue Ribbon Challenge here in Moorestown, the majority of our brave men and women in blue, like my son, are serving their communities from a place of love, and I believe we should be celebrating their selfless work and showing them that their community stands with them.

That is why in every election, I look closely at the records and platforms of candidates seeking office and support those I believe will best work with and stand with our police. For that reason, I am proud to support Mike Locatell, Victoria Napolitano and Phil Garwood for Town Council.

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Over the last four years, Napolitano and Garwood have shown the utmost support of our police and their families. They secured grant funding to equip Moorestown police with body cameras, protecting our residents and police officers. They worked with our Police Department to install a Project Medicine Drop that will help fight against the heroin scourge. The budgets they passed have helped replace old police vehicles and equipment, secure bulletproof vests and upgrade technology to help our police do their jobs safely and more efficiently.

Now, they, along with Locatell, are seeking to be elected to a four-year term, and I am positive they are the right choice. They will move forward with re-establishing a K9 unit within the Moorestown Police Department and have pledged to fully fund the operations of our police. Crime has dropped 38 percent over the last four years, and I trust that progress will continue with these three fine individuals at the helm.

When you vote this year, please join me in supporting Mike Locatell, Victoria Napolitano, and Phil Garwood. I believe they are the right choice for those seeking to stand with our police, and I have the highest confidence in their ability. They are caring and honest, and deserve our support on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

Ladies and Gentleman we need Moorestown to continue to be the beacon of Light where all residents can live in a safe environment.

Mimi Warburton


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