Letter to the Editor: I was surprised to see Mike Friedman listed as a Trump delegate


I was surprised to read recently in a Voorhees Sun ad that current Voorhees Township Republican Committeeman Michael Friedman traveled to the Republican National Convention to serve as a New Jersey Delegate for Donald Trump. There he was, proudly displaying his Trump Delegate credentials in the ad.

Frankly, I was shocked since Mr. Friedman claims he is independent minded. In order to verify the accuracy of the advertisement asserting Friedman served as a Trump Delegate in Cleveland, I checked his Facebook page. Mr. Friedman states “I accepted an invitation to be an ‘alternate’ delegate at the convention”. To me, that seems like a distinction without a difference.

According to website www.nj.com, Mike Friedman was indeed listed as a Trump delegate.

In a town as diverse as Voorhees, I find Trump’s brand of politics disgusting and vile. Trump has attacked every ethnic group as well as women and even those with disabilities. Over this past weekend, a tape surfaced where Trump was bragging about sexually assaulting women. Mr. Friedman’s feeble attempt to blow off his trip to Cleveland as a Trump Delegate stating, “Donald Trump isn’t running for Voorhees Township Committee”, while not locker room banter, is far from denouncing Friedman’s connection to Trump. Republicans far and wide have condemned with Donald Trump for his unscrupulous tactics. What are you waiting for Mike? Need the permission of your Voorhees Town Hall invitee, Chris Christie?

We deserve better from our elected officials.

Bob Weil