Clown sightings and threats of attack

Clown sightings and threats of attack

The Berlin Police Department is advising the public of their intent to investigate any threats involving clowns.

The following has been reported by the Berlin Police Department.


Berlin Police is advising the public of their intent to aggressively investigate any threats involving clowns. While we have not yet received any calls for these types of incidents, we are asking residents to remain vigilant in reporting them. The reports are being considered part of large social media hoaxes, which will result in criminal charges of false public alarm, harassment, etc.

Detectives will proactively and aggressively investigate any social media threats involving clowns as well. The Department has been in conversation with Berlin Community School and we remind our young residents to be careful of what they become involved in on social media. We also ask parents to check their child’s social media accounts as always.

As of this date, there are no credible threats, and we have received no credible reports of any planned attacks. Our department will continue to monitor all of these incidents.

If you see any of these threats in the Borough of Berlin, please contact Berlin Police at (856) 783–4900 or if an emergency, dial 9–1–1.