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15 minutes of fame just isn’t enough

We want to share your news in The Cinnaminson Sun

Did your child make the honor roll or win the spelling bee?

Is your church or civic group planning a fundraiser?

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Were you named salesman of the month at work?

Are you celebrating a special anniversary, or is your child getting married?

Did your child’s baseball or soccer team win? By how much? Who were the star players? Got a picture from the game?

Do you need to generate publicity for your club or organization?

These sorts of things are news, big news, not only for you, but for all of your friends and neighbors.

Chances are you want to share that news with them, and there’s no better way to do that than through The Sun.

Of course, there is no charge to publish community news in our print edition or on our website.

The Sun is delivered weekly to select addresses in Cinnaminson, so, when your news or picture appears in the newspaper, the residents of Cinnaminson see it. We update our website every day.

The best part is that getting your news or photo into the paper and onto the website is easy, too. Really easy.

Here’s our step-by-step outline for getting publicity in The Sun.

First, here’s how to contact us: Call us at (856) 427–0933. Fax us at (856) 427–0934. E-mail us at news@cinnaminsonsun.com. Send us regular mail at 108 Kings Highway East, 3rd Floor, Haddonfield, NJ 08033.

When you contact us, just tell us what’s going on. If you have a news tip, we’ll check it out. If you have an upcoming event, we’ll get it into our calendar section (two weeks’ notice, please) and send a photographer to take a picture, if possible.

Sometimes, though, we won’t have a photographer or reporter available.

In that case — and for calendar notices, too — here’s what you need to send us:

For a news release

Name of the event

Name of the group sponsoring the event

Date and time of the event

Location of the event

A telephone number or Web site the public can use to gather more information

Cost to attend the event

Your name and contact information (not for publication, but just in case we have a question)

A paragraph or two about the event itself.

What is going to happen or what has happened? Why is it important? Etc.

And be sure to spell the names right or risk the wrath of your friends and co-workers.

For photos

We accept electronic photos via e-mail in the jpg format. If you own a digital camera, you likely already know how to send them to us via e-mail.


If you have any questions about how to get your news or photo into The Sun, just give us a call at (856) 427–0933. We’ll be happy to help.

We want The Sun to be your newspaper. Tell us what’s important to you. Send us your news and photos. We’ll take it from there.


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