Rowan College at Burlington County issues college’s 2016 annual report

The college’s 2016 annual report, “A Different Kind of Community College” recaps a transformative year for the college.

Rowan College at Burlington County President Paul Drayton recently issued the college’s 2016 annual report, “A Different Kind of Community College” that recaps a transformative year for the college most notably in its partnership with Rowan University and campus improvements.

“Rowan College at Burlington County is a different kind of community college because we are doing more than just talking about how higher education is too expensive for most families — we have implemented real solutions to keep students away from high debt,” Drayton said. “Everyone at the college — including our many partners — has worked very hard to achieve great change in a short time. This report provides a look back at our many collective achievements.”

The report is available at Its theme focuses on how RCBC has grown into a different institution — both in terms of self-improvement and setting it apart from other colleges in the nation.

“Burlington County has quickly become a premier destination for high-quality and affordable education, and workforce development programs,” said Burlington County Freeholder Mary Ann O’Brien, an RCBC alumna. “Rowan College at Burlington County certainly is a different institution from my days as a student and these changes will have an enormous impact on many students in Burlington County and throughout the region.”

The annual report features two of the college’s largest pieces of its transformation into the model of 21st century higher education — the Student Success Center that is being built as the centerpiece of the Mt. Laurel campus improvements and the historic “3+1” option that allows students to save $75,000 while earning degrees from RCBC and Rowan University.

In January, RCBC will be the first community college in the region authorized to offer junior-year courses before completing their senior year with Rowan University, which will offer courses on RCBC’s campus with a 15 percent discount. Enrollment in junior-year courses for biology, law and justice, and liberal studies opens next month.

The report also features:

Difference Makers — The students, faculty and leaders who have earned distinction for RCBC at the national level.

Different kind of Workforce — Highlights of a successful first year for the Workforce Development Institute that meets the needs of job seekers and employers today and helps them plan for the future.

A look ahead — A preview of the top initiatives currently underway that will headline the 2016–2017 academic year.

“With so many dramatic improvements at Rowan College at Burlington County, it is nearly impossible to record all of them in one document,” Drayton said. “This report captures all of the excitement and energy of RCBC as we become the first community college in our region to enroll students in junior-year courses for our ‘3+1’ option that allows them to earn a Rowan University bachelor’s degree and save $75,000 compared with heading directly to a four-year institution.”