Cherry Hill resident receives big news in recovery from paralysis

Ryan DiGiovanni’s condition was reclassified from ASIA “A” to ASIA “C”, increasing his chances of standing and walking again from 1 percent to 50 percent.

Ryan DiGiovanni performs a balancing exercise on a yoga ball during a therapy session in July as Carly Jones helps him hold steady. DiGiovanni’s chances of standing and walking again have improved after his orthopedic spinal surgeon reclassified his injury on Tuesday.

It was only a little more than 20 months ago when Ryan DiGiovanni was involved in a tragic car accident. DiGiovanni was ejected from the vehicle and later diagnosed as a complete T10 paraplegic meaning he had no mobility, function or sensation below the belly button. Doctors gave him an American Spinal Injury Association “A” classification, meaning DiGiovanni would have only about a 1 percent chance of standing and walking again.

In the past year, DiGiovanni has made considerable progress toward in his recovery. He has been undergoing therapy at Project Walk in Mt. Laurel, a paralysis recover center where DiGiovanni has been working hard to regain movement in the lower half of his body. In July, “The Cherry Hill Sun” spoke with DiGiovanni about his journey and the progress he made in his recovery.

On Tuesday, DiGiovanni received great news at an appointment with an orthopedic spinal surgeon. DiGiovanni’s injury was reclassified from ASIA “A” to ASIA “C,” two levels above where he was at. The new classification means DiGiovanni chances of standing and walking again have increased from 1 percent to 50 percent.

Money is still being raised to help pay for DiGiovanni’s therapy sessions at Project Walk, which is not covered by health insurance. In just under three months, more than $3,100 has been donated toward Ryan’s Recovery Fund.

Anyone who wishes to donate to DiGiovanni’s recovery can visit