Moorestown Water Group Applauds Reduced Water Expenditure

Moorestown Water Group Applauds Reduced Water Expenditure


Moorestown Water Group is pleased with the agreement formed by local Assemblyman Troy Singleton, NJ American Water (NJAW) and township officials that will save taxpayers approximately 1 million dollars.

Assemblyman Singleton stated, “This was made possible, as I said at the council meeting last evening, by the community speaking up and forcibly demanding change on this issue. The essence of our democracy is that one person can make a difference. In this instance, it most certainly did.”

Incumbent Councilwoman Lisa Petriello, who is up for reelection this year, added, “I am very pleased that the Township was able work with NJAW to find ways to reduce our water expenditure.” She went on to state, “It’s activity that I, and others from the community have advocated for many months. I am pleased to see that prolonged advocacy, on behalf of our taxpaying residents, has come to fruition.”

Democratic Council nominee and Moorestown Water Group cofounder, Kati Angelini, is thrilled to see government working the way it is supposed for taxpayers. She has worked tirelessly in a bipartisan manner to ensure the right thing is done for the community at large. Because of Angelini’s efforts working directly with Assemblyman Singleton, change was made possible. “I couldn’t be happier with the outcome and this wouldn’t have happened without the support of Moorestown residents,” stated Kati Angelini.